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ok, how high are they?


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$3.41 regular

$3.79 premium





damn where the hell do you live? CA? i think i would be walking everywhere if they were that high here



If memory hold true .... I think he lives in Canada


Good memory Big O, when I left sacramento I thought their prices were high at 2.35 regular last summer, then when I moved up to Canada, it was $3.68/gallon for regular the summer of 04. The lowest I've seen here is $2.60 for reg. You guys have it really lucky, even in Cali :banghead: . I think Canada has a lot more taxes on oil.

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Sucks to live out West in CA. Glad I'm still in KY. $2.09, $2.19 and $2.29 for the good stuff. I get gas on Mondays at a local BP where aLL gas in set to the 87 octane price of $2.09....yeah for me :D:D . sorry for your luck west coasters.

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Glad I don't have to worry about THAT for another 2 weeks  :P  :jester:



Gas is $2.65 at the Chevron 2 blocks from my house...and that's premium of course.


How's the truck coming by the way, have you checking the progress as they fix it ??

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