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Bagged SSS anyone???


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WOW! That has to be a real SS or the best clone yet. Wonder how they got it bagged?


That rollpan definitely isn't a BSER... the plate sits in further on this one and looks like it wraps the sides a little more.


Good looking truck either way. :cheers:

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thats pretty sweet, it looks like he has erok's wheels , and no its not sickboy's look at the body molding, and it could still very well be awd, there are ways to keep it it just cost $$$$. that thing looks sweet as hell

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Jason took these pictures, he posted these pictures @ gmfullsize.com. The owner of this truck is on this site. Jason chatted with the owner and its for sale. He's asking $41,000. It is a real SS not a clone. The AWD is funcional I belive, and has to ride a stock hieght for it to work. He lays out front just as much as me. Looks almost like a 6" drop in the back but wont go lower i belive with it being AWD. It is bagged all around but don't know the details. Clean truck. The rear roll pan is totally custom.

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