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Exhaust Installed


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Just got back from the Exhaust Shop. Here it is....


Dual 4"x14" Round Magnaflows exiting before rear tire.






Here is my old system. It is for sale. I would like to get $195.00 for it. I will not ship it, I will not sell just the tip, I will not sell just the muffler. It is a dual in single out Magnaflow with factory tailpipe and Tip. It is cut off a couple inches in front of the inlet of the muffler. This can be installed on a non-ss truck with the addition of a Y pipe.




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Looks loud.  Do you have any shots from the side, a little further back?  Looks good looking down from the side.


It's definately LOUD!! My buddy heard me coming from 2 blocks away on the way to his shop, but it is pretty mellow at idle. It is really loud at WOT and has a little crackle to it under deceleration.


These are the only pics I took.

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The Drone is not any worse than with the other Magnaflow I had on. The difference in sound is most noticeable at higher RPM's.


I'm only 1 hour north of Philly. I can hook you up if you want.


PM me if interested.

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Looks good Autoguy It looks like you polished the inside of the box tips :thumbs:


how close are you with the box tips to the cladding???? from the pictures i cant realy see the gap but it does looks close.....

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