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The little Engine that Couldnt


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Ok this Black V6 Mustang pulled up to me at a light. 2 guys where in the cars and the were looking at my truck. I decided to ignore them, not really worth the gas since i beat a 4.6 a few weeks back. So the light turns green and i take off in a pretty casual manner, get to about 30, and then i heard him take off behind me (kinda sounded like an angry humming bird :lol: ). I figured what the heck, im in the mood for a good laugh. So he gets about 1/2 a car length ahead and I put the gas pedal about 1/2 way down and zip by him. He then backed off. We get to the next light and the guys keep looking over like i barely won or something. I rolled down my window and said "missing a few cylinders arent you?" The driver said "this is my GF's car not mine, but ive got a Kia Spectra the runs a 9 second quarter, youll never beat that". I started cracking up and rolled up my window. The light turned green and he nailed it, and this time i put it about 2/3 the way down, and flew right by him AGAIN. About a block later her turned left and that was that. Not much of a kill but that 9 second Kia crap was a good laugh. Maybe he meant 9 second in 0-60




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A 9 second Kia??? Maybe in the 1/8 mile. Why do people always have something bigger and better at home...reminds me of my dad can beat up your dad bullsh!t!


Sounds like a 16 year old kid who just got his license and finally upgraded from the family lawnmower to the Kia...with the Kia you just might have to pedal harder!

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