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Got 22's on my SS **56 warning** (big pics)

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I got the 22's on my SS. Now the only problem is I need to drop the truck a couple of inches to make it look better. I had the GTO and SS in driveway right after putting the rims on and it was sweet. The chrome was showing the 2 GM's some love.


I like the BFG KDW2's so far. It's pretty much impossible to tell how well they perform with the SS having AWD.


All the pics are here:






The last time I put Zaino on the SS was last summer and it still looks rock star









The GTO running on 19's.


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What size are the tires? No rubbing? I've only had my SSS for less than a week but I could swear my right front rubs when I turn hard left, and that's with stock wheels and tires.


Those 22's look perfectly normal on the truck, but seeing them up to the mirror on your GTO really puts things into perspective!!! WOW.


*edit* Nevermind, I saw the size in the link you posted.

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Why did you go with a 295/40? That is 3/4" lower than the stock size.

BFG on this particular tire runs a larger diameter than it should. Actually the BFG specs have the 305/40 and 295/40 as the same diameter for the KDW2. I was really looking up available sizes to see if they had a 305/40, but when I saw the 295's were the same height I decided to go with them to insure no rubbing.


The stock tires actually sag so much compared to the sidewalls on the KDW2's that from my measurements when the tires are on the truck and have weight on them these 295/40's are about a 1/4" taller diameter (this was front tires I forgot to check the rears with the stock tires).

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