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Hit 13's!!


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Went to the track last night, 82 degrees. Got the cutouts installed so i thought i would see how they do. Did a 50/50 mix of 93 and 100 octane. Cause it was so busy i only got one run, a personal best of 13.991, finally baaarely made the 13. Hopefully the shift kit will impove it just alittle bit more too. Last time i went my best was a 14.41. I wish i had vid of it, i really wasn't expecting it.


60'- 2.02


1/8- 8.92

MPH 1/8th- 78.99

1000- 11.64

1/4- 13.991

MPH- 96.01



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congrats man. getting a shift kit put in an SS with a blower is quite an improvement. with some tuning changes and the shift kit there is about .15 or so to gain. :thumbs:

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