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camaro stripes or not

silver hockey stripes on my black ss(like CraigWs) what do ya think?  

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  1. 1. silver hockey stripes on my black ss(like CraigWs) what do ya think?

    • put them on, it will look good
    • i think it will be ok
    • dont do it
    • i have another idea-read my post below

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I like the hockey stripes that CraigW has on his blue SS. Anybody seen them on a black SS. iam thinking of doing a silver birch type color on the truck. i dont think anybody has done this though. what are your opinions/thoughts. thanks guys.



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    silver would look good, but imo i am bias to white enhanced graphics/stickers/vinyl on black vehicles        circa old school camaros w/ white rally stripes. 

good luck, hard choice though

yea, i orginally was thinking of doing the white stripes, but iam thinking silver might look better. :dunno:

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Funny you brought that up, I was thinking about that today because I never saw a black SS with them. I would only go with silver and not white, would throw off the color a little to much. I was in the middle of photoshopping some on a black SS but my comp shut down and now I cant get back into the program because i am in SAFE MODE. Apparently my comp is near death and wont run in normal mode so maybe someone else can photoshop it. If it looks good on the black SS I would def consider throwin some on.

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