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Finally!! Some updated pics...


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Thanks Guys,

The wheels are Motoforge, and they are now out of business. I have from what I know 1 of 2 sets made. They did come in a chrome, my friend has a set, but the chrome didn't last too long. They only weigh 29lbs. The gauges are Autometer Phantoms. The intake is made of 4in Aluminum (not cheap). I flattened it to fit under the hood. Then painted it to match.

Thanks Wiz

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I just got the Mcgaugheys lowering kit, I wanted it a bit lower than the GForce kit I have on it now. Also the airbags in the rear still had a little air in them, so its sitting a bit high.


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Hey Phoenix,

It was pretty spendy, the Aluminum alone was over $300. Once you jump above 3" on Alum. and Hose it gets expensive. Don't ask how I justified spending that much for a damn intake. This $hit is addicting! I need help.

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