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well boys, might be tradin the ss in tommorrow


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well, some of you might remember me mentioning the idea of trading the ss in on a corvette. well, after much consideration, i choose against that idea.....after more consideration, i have concluded a 05 GTO manual 6 speed will suit me better at the moment. the dealer has located a cylcone grey 05 with the black leather interior. they want $30,200 starting. i dont know how much they will budge, but iam guessing not much if any at all. over the phone they told me i could get 25-26 grand on my SS being completely stock and in excellent condition. since i a good chunk of change put into the truck, they are refering me to luxury motors next door for an apprasial. they supposedly give more accurate and more fair prices for aftermarket, and will buy the truck from the dealership once the trade is complete. iam hoping to get out with the gto for my truck and 2000 + or so g's. depends on if they budge at all on the price. wish me luck tommorow :thumbs:

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good luck :thumbs:


but I dont think there gonna budge on that price.... thats the employee purchase price there pushin right now....


but hey let us know if they do...

I found a black w/ red interior 6spd here locally that I might have to go look into... gotta have a nice commuter right?!?!?! :crackup:



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Sports Car > Fast Truck ...any day.


Both is better... :)


If you HAVE to own a truck (towing, hauling, etc...), and can only have have one fast vehicle...then SSS all the way.


Otherwise...I want a fast ride I can drive on a road course.


I have MANY, MANY times considered selling my SS (and my 240SX) to have a Z06 for a daily driver / track whore.


...but having both is actually cheaper.




Anyway, ENJOY the new car. LS2 + 6-speed...me likey.


- Brian

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