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wife wants a new muffler


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well guys, since i get my new GTO tommorow, ill be handing the SS keys over to my wife. its still my truck, but iam just letting her drive it :crazy:



anyways, she has asked only one thing of me.....to change the muffler to a nice and silent one.


she didnt ask to have the tranny shift nicer (zippy shift kit :cheers: ), or any of my appearance mods taken off, or the loud k and n, just the muffler, so i cant complain......actually, i cant believe she hasnt complained about the zippy shift kit :)



so do you guys know of any performance oriented super silent muffler. i dont want to give up a horrendous amount of power doing this, because i will still drive the SS alot. i already have ASM longtubes, so i think that may compensate a tad for it(or make them worthless?), but iam not sure.


is the stock SS muffler my best bet? if so, anybody have one for sale.


i have heard the flopro before(my brother has one), and thats still gonna be too loud for her. she wants quiet.


any suggestions/reccomendations would be apprecaited. THNKS GUYS!


ps iam gonna need some cats too (high flow), because i ripped mine off and to get any exhaust work done around here(iam new to the area) i am thinking my best bet would be to walk in with some cats to get welded up too for safets sake. would the magnaflows cats be my best bet?


ok iam done now sorry for the lenghty thread.



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