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Got my 2wd SS to the track


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I went to the track last night and made a few passes. It was pretty consistent. I was running 29/9.0-15 et drags. My best run was:




1/8 et------9.5293

1/8 mph----74.39

1/4 et------14.8632

1/4 mph----90.76


There is still a little more left in it. Had I not been hitting my top speed limiter I think I would have managed a 14.7. My speedo said 100 but all my runs were 90mph. I am going to get my tune installed and the Pacesetters and we will be at it again next weekend.


People were looking at me thinking I was crazy. 1300 miles and paper plates. Some older dude asked me "why in the world would you put drag tires on an AWD?" :dunno:

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I ran the slicks just cause you have to go through the water and do a burnout and right now I really dont want to beat up on my stock tires. I might trade them and if they are too wasted I may not get my trade. Some dude might trade me some 275/45/20 GT2s for mine.

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