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Newer pic of my front end

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The grills and vents are glossy black and the SS and trim in the bowtie are black. I decided to go ahead and put the new parking lights in too. Has anyone had problems getting them to stay in and not get foggy. I finally rigged them up to say in but they still get a little foggy.



This is Corvette lady's house. She is a very pretty older woman and drives a different corvette I see her. Well, just two but its cool.



This is the tattoo I just got. Bigger than I imagined but I am glad I got it. If you cant tell from the pics, it says Davis on one glove and Maddox on the other. Those were two of my boxing coaches that passed away from cancer. Both of their first names were Jimmy. Maddox just passed away this past week.



Well, I am glad CarDomain fixed my shit because I can finally get these up. I know how much yall like pictures :D

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Yeah those lights are cheap quality I had to put a screw in mine to hold them in place and they keep geting foggy on the inside on mine to I tryed puting silicon on them but It did not work. I think I am going to pull mine apart AGAIN and reseal them.

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Truck looks good...I bought some of those lights as well but i havent installed them b/c I havent got the headlights yet. I put them in to see how theyd look and I have the same problem with staing in. One of the tabs on mine is broke, so Im gonna have to come up w/ something else....unless I just decide to not use them. Im gonna wait til i get my new headlights and HID conversion.

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