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Whats the best I could run?

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Okay im thinking its finally time to start modifying my SS (im stock for now except for a K+N Drop in filter). Within the next few months Im planning on going with a dual exaust (any suggestions?), CAI (maybe a King Cobra ram air setup), and a PCM tune. With these mods im hoping i could maybe hit mid 14's on the track. Any thoughts? What has anyone else here that has these mods been able to run on the track? I dont want to get a blower until the things almost paid off so right now this is about as far as im going to go for now. :driving:



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i like your idea of the vr ram air kit. ive put it on my truck, there is a noticale power gain, as for MPG, ive been rompng on it too much to notice any gains there. im wating for my pcm4less to come in, then will look into exhaust.

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