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chrome wheels

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what do you guys do to get your chrome wheels clean.  mine wont come clean with the basic car wash. i dont want to experiment with any cleaner for fear of ruining the wheels.


I used to use never dull but it always took FOREVER to clean a wheel. Now I use maquires hot rims. It's safe for the chrome and it cleans them in NO TIME! Hope that helps. Chad

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I use 0000 Steel Wool. IT WILL NOT SCRATCH CHROME WHEELS. Or, anything else that is CHROME plated. Removes everything and you don't really need to ever wax chrome. Takes about as long as wiping them dry with a towel.


T :chevy:

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mothers, mothers, mothers!!!! mothers chrome polish is the best! it takes a max of 30 min and i do it twice a mont. always shinin' :thumbs:



Mothers chrome polish is great stuff... I also have used the powerball and it did a great job. Alex (r8rs4lf) posted his review of how it did on his 22" Intros and he seemed to give the thumbs up too.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of pain. Once you get them clean a good waxing should be done... this'll keep things from sticking to the surface and making cleaning in the future much easier. :thumbs:

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Mothers makes great products! I used the Power polish with the Powerball on my billet aluminum Intros and they looked like they came from the polishers.


When I had my stock chrome SS wheels, I used Mothers chrome polish and it worked well. Polishing chrome is alot easier than polishing billet, that's for sure!


Go with Mothers, you won't be disappointed! :thumbs:



Would waxing billet be detrimental at all? If not, what should I use Mr. Detail?


Late- Alex

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