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New Guy Here From St. Michael, MN


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Hi all!


I just got my '03 Black SS in early May and love it! I am just about done building my '91 Mustang GT and was looking for a car hauler. EEEahh, what can I say? I don't know anybody that uses a SS for a car hauler but, I may be the first...well at least the first person I know of! I am just about to take the car into the dyno shop and hope to hit mid 600+ rwhp. I think that I will hold off on throwing money at the truck but...let's not hold our breath on that one! I was thinking of starting out small, CAI, PCM that kinds of stuff. Since I know squat about our SS's I will be reading past posts about what mods you have all done, and try and buy the correct parts first. I do wonder about these "mail in" PCM tunes. I have a twEECer RT on the mustang and do all my own tuning from a lap-top. I haven't talked to my local speed shop yet about doing a custom chip but I know they charge $500 for a chip/flip chip. Well I am 27 years old have 2 degrees, engineering and construction management, Chevy by choice and Ford by finances, I love the outdoors, try and stay out of the bar scene and spend my money with Summit instead, was in the Army infantry...and that is about it. The Mustang is stroked bored blown ported and sips from the wet "cheating R" bottle.

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Welcome aboard, great group of people here! As far as being the first to use the SS as a car hauler, Ginnie SS hauls their gorgeous Camaro's and Chevelle's to car shows, there are others too. I tow a 4500+- lb boat, they tow GREAT!

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