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Front End Woes.....

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I have had the ususal growling noise at low speed turns into parking lots and such, but now I think I hear something new. Here's when I hear it. If I'm driving through town at around 45 mph, if I lightly accelerate and left off of the throttle, I hear a real soft growling noise. Not whinning or howling. Sometimes I hear it if I accelerate real light as well. Two weeks ago there was snow and ice on the streets in town. This was the first real good icing, so I had fun. My SS is pretty well stock, so ice is about the only way I can spin all 4 tires. I was playing around, doing 80-90 mph but really only moving 20-30 mph in a straight line. One time I mashed it at a stop sign and got them to spinning and let off and it hooked up hard on dry pavement. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now I question if that's what started this. I could have just noticed it and it's been doing it for a long time. I figured I would start with changing the oil in the front differential. What is the best oil that I can use?? Thanks!



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