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Another CAM HELP


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Ok, so I finally got the crank pulley off as wel as the cover plate and am ready to take the cam out.


I am using a 1/4 and a 3/8 rod as recommended by slimsoftball. Here is my question???


About what length do they need to be? I can't fit them in there with the AC condenser right there and would prefer to not take it out. How did you guys slide the rods in with the AC-C still in and connected???



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I cant get the 3/8 in either side, but I can get the 1/4 in both sides. I have come across a problem though...


I got the drivers side rockers and rods out okay, but the passenger side is giving me trouble and I have rounded off one of the bolts that holds on the rocker. How the heck am I going to get that thing out now?


There is no way the cam is coming out because there is too much pressure on it and I can't even twist it. :banghead:

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