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2006 Detroit Autoramma


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LS7-yea I like it!


In a wagon @ GM performance parts area.


Dual rear calipers, pretty trick


Stewart's truck-he was too busy on the phone for me to talk to him :jester:


one of my favroites


and this is why...twin turbo LT-5, yes LT-5! I saw a few of those LT-5's around


more to come as I resize them.

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what's that guys name?? I saw it but I was not impressed-dont get me wrong it was bad ass but I am not into drag cars too much and that one was fully dressed out, the disply was cool-alldigital. Good work from W2W but I like the stuff they drive :driving: by the time I was back there I was tired and not trying to get the camera out-lazy

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Where was my favorite truck?


The guys in the W2W booth said it was a battle getting their GTO in the show because it looked too stock.

I believe the truck you're referring to is the RCSB SS that looks a whole lot like mine.

As we all know mine looks waaay too stock to even be considered for the main floor of the show.


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