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My truck finally arrived!


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Fellas, I figured I share this story with you. I purchased my truck over two weeks ago and had to arrange shipping from Texas to Ohio (where I live). So I'm watching the NASCAR Busch race this weekend and my favorite driver, Denny Hamlin, was leading with about 5 laps to go. The next thing my phone rings and it's the truck driver telling me he has my truck and he's up at the IX Center in Cleveland. He tells me I can pick it up or wait another day for him to bring it to me. Being that the IX center is only 15 minutes from where I live my decision was easily made. So I was forced to miss the end of the race but I knew it would be worth it to get my truck. I think I did the 15 minute drive in about 10 minutes or so. I pulled up into the lot and seen my truck for the first time in person. Intimidator006.jpg

So I gave the SS a good thorough look over to make sure it hadn't been damaged. I then climbed into her for the first time.


She was defintely a good fit. So the driver then tells me how cool of a truck it was. I didn't want to come off as being vain but my head was swelling by the second as he was talking. :D He made mention that it would need gas very soon. So I grabbed the keys and started heading home. It was about 1/2 mile away from the dealership that the fuel warning light came on. It figures I wasn't anywhere near a service station. Somehow I managed to get to the fuel station about 10 miles away and was treated to my first experience of filling this bad boy up. :cry: $61.00 later I had a full tank. OUCH! Guess I better get used to that! Intimidator009.jpg

So I made it home unscathed and have been enjoying the SS.


A couple days have passed as I have gone through the owners manual. I find myself constantly looking out into my driveway starring at it. I am in complete love with this truck. Not to thrilled with the HD hood. Later fellas, Bill.

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Yeah, it was used at Texas Speedway last fall for the NASCAR race escorting drivers around the track prerace.

Went to the Texas Speedway Nascar Race and saw 2 black Intimidator SS's in the parking lot. Then I watched all the drivers being paraded around the track in Black Intimidaor SS's. 


Would that be considered the biggest gathering of SS's outside of the factory????? 


I will try to get a picture posted later today... tease....


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I was planning on leaving the stickers on it for awhile. Now that I have it I noticed the hood decal has alot of air bubbles underneath it. So that one will have to go. Thinking about getting a bug guard and putting a smaller decal on the front of it. I like the decal on the windshield so that's definitely staying. As far as the one on the bed, I haven't decided on it yet. It's staying for now though. Bill

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All I can say make up your mind about the stickers one way or the other soon.


Once they've been on for a while you shouldn't remove them b/c the paint will not match where they were... UV makes subtle breakdowns in the the paint pigment and if a sticker is blocking it you'll get uneven fade. Then if/when you remove them it'll be obvious where they were.


I vote you take em off... but thats just my opinion.


Different strokes for different folks. :thumbs:

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