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Pic of ram air


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More pics in How-to section


thanks fuelslut for the idea to put a decal in there for people to get down and look at :D


I used tiewraps to hold it in place, I cut a hole in the airbox support with a 4" hole saw, I offset the hole toward the back of the truck so in the middle of the plastic airbox. The I used a 3" hole saw to cut the hole into the airbox, then I used some insulation/foam to seal the two holes to each other. I only used a small piece of 3" PVC, you cannot even tell if you are looking at the engine compartment.


sorry the pic is of low quality.




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thanks-I am slow getting stuff done


yea I know I should have taken more, I took the first one and my wife took our son rollerblading for the first time so I gave her the camera while I worked on it :banghead:


I'll pull it apart to snap some pics when I change my oil, or sooner it is raining and I want to see if any water made it up to the filter.


driving experence seems better, faster response...

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i was gonna say... thats a killer spot for a decal :crackup: .... looks good joe :thumbs:


- i doubled up on hose/worm clamps and tied mine back to the bumper bracket... hasnt failed me yet!

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this is the first style volant ram air tube connect to the stock box. the fisrt style tube uses two pices, and I think the new one is one piece, not really sure. I am going to take some more pics since this was easy and I think you could see gains even w/o the tube.


When i post more pics you will see the way I kind of took a short cut with sealing the tube so that any excess water will not get into the stock airbox.

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nice that would have been a nice step by step"how to" project



I thought we were going to get more pics.  :confused: Hurry and change your oil :jester:

I did not even chage it yet, but I chenged the TBSS oil :devil:


Notice the Blaced out SS's on the side, very cool mod to darken it a bit :devil:



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