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New Saleen Truck


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I have to admit, Ford does a nice job on it's interiors.


I disagree... I'm not a fan. I get to drive alot of newer vehicles for work and IMO (which may be bias) is GM has the nicest interior, bar none... They may not be the flashiest, but they are certainly the most comfortable, and I dont feel like its a generic interior... as apposed to the Nissan, Dodge and Ford interiors which I find to be kinda chinsey....



On the other hand that is probably the best thing that has ever happend to an '04+ ford pickup... the exterior looks good and I'm sure it performs just as well if not better than the "old" performance pickups.

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Truck looks ok but you're talking about paying close to $50K on a ford :puke: . The base NA version only has 325 HP and cost more than a SS. A modded SS will stay with the SC version and still be a better truck. I'd rather drive my SS with a SC than that ford with a SC :driving:

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