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woot! - back from the boat!


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been a while fellas- didnt come by too often, but youre still on my favorites list and i remembered my password- so here i am sayin hi again

deployed with the 22 meu, came home a few weeks ago. how'd everyone been?


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thanks fellas! so, anyone new in NC?.. ive seen a few slivie SS's around, dont know if theyre here or not tho



Welcome back! I had a bunch of friends on the 22nd MEU with you. They were some of the Harrier guys that were there on the MEU. Did you enjoy Al Asad? I hated that place... I'm in Havelock and stationed at Cherry Point. There are a few SS's there in Jacksonville also. Z06 Dreaming is a member of this forum and lives there in Jacksonville. He has a red SS. Get up with us sometime and we can all meet up sometime.



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its good to be back- and man, did i miss just bummin around town. the only thing i got for her while i was away was a set of DR's... took her to the track a couple times since ive been back... its rained every time ive gone so far, but ive gotten the same ET as i did last year in optimal weather, running 20's on all corners. if i can get the good air again, ill finally catch the infamous 13.9x. so far 14.2 is all she'll give me.

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