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EZ Down tailgate damper.

Rays B4U

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I wonder if it's hard to lift back up to close?



If it's an oil filled shock it could have a "one way" valving in it to let it go back up easier than it comes down. It is very cool but I rarely open my tailgate or tonneau cover.

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Have you seen the new '07 models ... they have a torsion bar in the tailgate ... It is for "Easy Closing".


It puts a load on the torsion bar when you lower the tailgate, then it assists you, when you raise it.


Keep us posted on how it works RaySS!!!!

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Well I got it in the mail today. Took me about 10 minutes to install it. They shorted me what they call a "jam nut" so I had to get one of them before I could install it. Now when I open it I can just let go of the tailgate and it goes down nice and easy and no increased effort is required to close it. I give it a :thumbs::thumbs: rating.

Here's a couple of pic's of it installed:



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I got mine in the mail today too, and I was also missing 1 of the Jamb nuts.


I e-mailed the guy I got them from on ebay, and he said it was a packaging error on the part of the manufacturer.


Luckily, I ordered 2 and I stole the Jamb Nut from the second one, so I have mine installed on my 2500HD. When I get the 2 nuts he owes me, I will install the other on the SS.

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I was considering this damper but after a websearch I went a different route.


I was lookiing for the Pop N Lock Tailgate Assist which includes 2 spring loaded

strap assemblies that replace the tailgate cable. The cheapest I could find

these on the web was $145 and nobody seems to have them in stock. Pace

Edwards homepage (Pop N Lock parent) doesn't even list them anymore.


In the process of my search I found the Hoppy (Hopkins Manufacturing)

Easylift. I just picked one up from a local parts store (A&A Auto in central

PA) for $20.


This is a torsion bar which mounts below the tailgate. You drill one hole in

the bottom of the tailgate and another inside of the lefthand tail light. I know,

I really didn't want to drill but it is well worth it.


It installed in less than 30 minutes with 2 people to handle the tailgate.


Works great, tailgate is really light and easy to open and close.


The one thing that I'm a little concerned about is that there isn't a lot of weight

on the tailgate when it's down. If you drive with the tailgate down, it may

bounce a bit.


Do a google search for "hoppy easylift" and a bunch of the accessory

vendors have the install instructions and videos posted. I think retail

for the bar is $30.


I also found a very positive thread on one of the Titan truck boards

while doing my google search.


One strange thing I found while doing the install. There are 2 large

washers rattling around inside my tailgate. The kind of wedged themselves

in the bottom of the tailgate but sometimes it would rattle when I slammed

it shut. No sure where they came from but I fished them out with a

magnetic parts retreiver by removing one of the side latch plates.

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