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I won Powerball lottery


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very cool stuff craig, congrats. We have the powerball her ein Pa as well and last weeks drawing I was off by 1 on each number except the powerball which I was off by 3, talk about a kick in the ass!!!


Once again congrats

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That's crazy :crazy: I just got home for work, and as I was leaving we were talking about the lucky winners in WI that won our powerball pool.

Congrats man :cheers: It must be very surreal.

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This is so awesome I won about 750,000 dollars after taxes in the Powerball lottery.  I cant even explain how it feels. :crazy:  :cheers:

conratulations :cheers: ... but i have a question if 100 people win 208 million that would split into 20.8 million lets say you take even half out for tax you would still have 10.4 million?... so how is it $750.000 :confused: i'm just curious

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