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I hate my neighborhood


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I leave my truck outside my apartment for thirty minutes while my girlfriend and I unload groceries using the garage where I normally park. I go outside to bring my baby inside the garage and what do I see :cry: . I am so pissed off. Why would someone want to steal it? Wait I know to put it on there stupid old school beater car :mad: . I guess I am just glade it was just the one.


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sucks dude, my cousin had his tail light stolen once outa and old a$$ ranger while he was taking some classes one day.. comes to show that people will steal anything if they think they can. Maybe they should be painted on

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It sucks for sure, too bad you couldn't have stumbled upon the event as it unfolded....



My buddys have older Dodge Rams with the big chrome Ram on the front of the hood, if you ever want to see vehicle ornament thefts, they must be in the top 3 as far as favourites for stolen vehicle attachments.

And they are BOLTED on to boot.



Any damage to the paint? Looks like you might get away with just an emblem, pain in the rump, but not THAT bad I guess..


I would set it up again and try to murder the guy.


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