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Pic's of new exhuast..and alot of ZIANO!


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I just had the exhaust changed. it's still the cprsa touring but now with a little exit. let me know what ya think. i still have the origional side dump but didn't like seeing the pipe under the truck. i also had the two front windows tinted then added another 7 hours of Zaino you have all this. Once i get my track tires, i am hoping to get a 12.4 or .5 pass. guess we'll wait and see,i still need to find the rubber!



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you could do it with any system for that matter, as far as sport or touring goes, i took and cut the 4 tac welds holding the tips to the "y" piece. one the tips were off, i cut the "y till both tips were evenly fit. then tacked them back on, took to a local shop and had new pipe bent from muffler to tip, and the added a hanger to support all this, keep pin mind i don't have that HEAVY spare tire, so you may have to think up some creative plumbing around the tire, let me know if you need more help or pic's :chevy:

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