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Corsa Exhaust


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Corsa at idle on j4nash's SS


Corsa same truck, part throttle


I've got the Touring and just love it, totally kick ass. It's definitely got a 'wail' to it, not at all like a Flowmaster or B&B IMO; it's all subjective so depends on what you like. The sound clip on the Corsa web site is pretty true to the real exhaust note, it might not sound much different than stock at idle but man when the tack is charging from 3500-4500 it is just addictive. You'll want a converter for sure :D In sedate driving it's a little loud under light acceleration but nothing offensive IMO, no drone/buzz ever, and on the highway once you are at speed is quiet as stock in steady cruise. Made from very high quality steel, and I installed it myself so no additional money paid for installation. Great product, if it's within your budget is worth every penny IMO. Hear the sound first though, some people don't like a wailing type of exhaust (Corsa, Magnaflow).


Mr. P. :)

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I have the Corsa Sport on my GMC VMax Denali Crewcab and the outlet looks the same as "misterp" pics. I love the Corsa Sport on my truck it is awesome @ WOT and not extremely loud in the cab at idle or cruising speed.


It really turns heads when I open her up and I what I love most is the sound is bearable for a daily driver!

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Thanks, I just bought the touring exhaust and did not know what it was going to sound like. I haven't installed it yet but will this week. I got it for $892 minus 20% plus tax free (9.5%). Deal or not?


Just returned from Iraq :flag: and have money to spend. Purchased the Volant CAI with Scoop and the Corsa touring exhaust. Do you have any other suggestions for a moderate daily driver. I am retiring from the military as a Master Sergeant in DEC 06 and want max power gains for a competitive price. Any suggestions? I cannot bring myself to buy the SLP package for $2699 for only 55 BHP gains :mad: . A supercharger, although desired and in my price range, may not be in the cards.





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