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Has anyone head of the multi disc converters chattering" Here is a quote from one of PI's competitors:


" Rather than going to a triple disc converter, which will give you a lot of unwanted chatter at idle will always give some noise under load with the uncontrolled discs, we developed a single disc converter used in our HP/Street Series converter with a clutch large enough to handle the demands of even the most agressive setups every bit as well as the triple setup without any of the downsides.



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I just installed my PI 3 disk lock-up (2600-2800) and it is great so far. The positive lockup is amazing,...it feels like another gear (compared to the Yank TT 3000 and the Yank TT 2600). I did notice that when in drive on a flat surface the truck "chugs" when you take your foot off the brake. My stall rating feels "tight" meaning that there is no way it is stalling to 2800. On a flash stall yes, but no more than 2900 rpms.


I payed 875 (shipped including tax). Worth every penny so far. :thumbs:


vdrumright - got any pics of the caltracs? I am just about to pull the trigger on them. :driving: I get alot of body movement on launch causing my front wheels to pull up and spin like crazy :sigh: Figure they will help. Any reviews?

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Dollar for Dollar PI makes a good converter but I agree with Krambo as far as tightness. I have run 3 seprate PI's in diffrent vehicles. I have the Yank in the VHO now it is a good converter and does what it's advertised to do. PI makes good on all their caims as well I am within about 100 rpm of the stall I had it built to under boost.

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i have the PI 3 disk on my truck with a FLT trans. It realy does seem like another gear when the thing locks up. I haven't noticed any chatter from it at all. I didn't, however, get any et gains from it. The truck ran 14.3 before it and 14.3 after it. figure that out. FLT deals with PI on their converters so maybe he can get you a good price. He was great to work with and customer service is the best!




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