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You Warm Weather Guys Jealous Now?


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I feel ya on the salt and road grime... got it here too in Ohio... I so baddly want to wash it, just really don't want to risk it, since it's dips to the teens, and barely gets in the 30's durring the day... and I don't have a garage to let it dry in.

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i can not even comprehend what that must feel like.



on average, I think the coldest our windchill gets is the negative single digits. sometimes it dips deeper. those temps are just insane.


I went to the Pats vs. Titans playoff game a few years ago. The official temp of the game was 4* but the windchill dropped it to -14. The beers were freezing before you could drink them. Draft beer was slush. The plastic bottles stayed liquid. Glass bottles had beercicles when you opened them.


Not to mention, the grille I used for a few years was a casualty that game. All the plastic (handles, wheels, etc.) broke off when we were putting it away.

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