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This Family Needs Help!


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I guess fame is like a drug,a lot off people want it but too much to soon can be hard to handle.I am sure you have seen a bit of that in your travels Dave.


i swear if it wasnt for so many confidentiality contracts i've signed over the years i could have retired on a tell all book.... SERIOUSLY...


and im not talking tabloid BS, stuff i have seen, along with stories from other bodyguards i have worked with..

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Dear God. Well, I wonder who the daddy is.
both of the spears women need a swift punch to the ovaries followed by a hard roundhouse to the face. they should not be allowed to reproduce and "contribute" to this society
Don't be talkin about my babie's momma's like that! :jester:
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WTF is wrong with their parents? If my daughter acted like that we would have a nice little "chat", and I don't care how old she is. These no tallent, wheels off celebs like the Spears, Linsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton needs to go into obscurity. And no, that was not breaking news.

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