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Bud Light & Clamato


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who and why did someone come up with this iam not a big bud fan ...even less of a bud light fan but i just got back for the lq ...the guy there is pretty cool he gives out free shooters and stuff sometimes...and he asked if i liked beer ( i was picking up some 151) i said yes and he gave me this lil can and said try it...i did ...horrible..i mean i have had the beer/energy drinks before some where ok but why this i like tomatos but i have v8s juices ant the clamatos drinks...why...why...why :rant:

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The premixed stuff has way too many spices and shit, gives me heartburn like after a quarter of a can, so I have never finished one. Tastes better if you mix it yourself to your liking, and is good for hangovers, too. Bud Ice or Bud Light for me and I don't do alcohol and energy drinks.

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