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says it may fit without modification on 4wd which means somebody could very easily apply this to the ss even with some modifications it could be done




saw the kit over at byunspeed.com and i thought i check it out the .. i havnt seen anything on this site as of yet with this company so i thought id post it up.


for the product





and the description


Gen-TT Intercooled Twin Turbocharger GMC truck systems provide a massive boost of both power and torque to the 02 – current range of GMC Petrol engined trucks. Fitting up to 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 series LS1 and LS2 engines, the Gen-TT Intercooled Twin Turbo truck system gains 60% more power and up to 75% more torque running only. Mounted low towards the back of the engine, the Gen-TT Truck system is completely stealthy in appearance and extremely easy to fit with no cutting required of the body, nor electric fan changes. Ground clearance still remains excellent with part of the Gen-TT system mounted lower than the factory exhaust system and transmission crossmember.


Designed to give the low end punch of a positive displacement supercharger, and with the high end grunt of a centrifugal blower, the Gen-TT Intercooled Twin Turbo system proves that the sophisticated and ‘low drag’ nature of turbocharging can easily get the job done without the constant belt breakages and intensive maintenance required of most supercharger systems. Using a highly efficient front mounted intercooler that does not impede radiator airflow Gen-TT Intercooled Twin Turbocharger truck system is an excellent, consistent and reliable power adder for hot climates. Setting Gen-TT apart from other truck turbo systems is the instant power and torque without any lag due to correctly sized and placed turbochargers.


At the moment it is confirmed to fit ALL 2WD trucks (all 1500 series etc) and MAY fit without modification to 4WD trucks - Marton



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