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Pretty Sure My Sss Is Totalled


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what a way to come home from a 2 week vacation in cabo only to find out our babysitter took the ss out and got rear ended......WTF! thankfully the sitter and my 17 year old were in the SSS and not the 03 monte ss as a STS failed to use his brakes and plowed into the rearend starting a 3 car chain reaction.... the cop said that is one strong truck because there could have been at least 3 deaths...2 in my truck and the minivan in front of them... the old guy was taken away in a amblance and was cited on the spot...Ill take plenty of picts as soon as the sun comes up...



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Damn bro...that sucks! It is bad enough when you are the one driving, but to come home and find someone else wrecked it....yikes...just glad all your people were OK. Good luck with the repairs!! :(

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glad to hear everyone was alright...but just another example of why i'm never having kids. And take it from someone who was 17 at one point..when you leave town with the kids at home..make sure you pack the keys for all the cars..the minute your out the door thats the first thing they look for.

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I feel sorry for you, but I got a question, or I misread.


Your babysitter and your 17 year old were in the SS, right? Then why did you need a baby sitter if you had a 17 year old, and if both of them where in the SS, who was watching the child that needed a babysitter?

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yeah our sitter had permission to use our vehicles...but from what i understand in pennsylvania if the driver has permission and the vehicle is in a accident then it will be covered...especially when its hit from the rear like that...




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