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Hid Problem


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So tonight i picked up the o-nex 6000k HID kid from a reputable seller on craigslist.... Here's the kit.....Easy plug and play kit...i plug everything in and fire it up...and i get nothing...not even a flicker :banghead: ...so i check the 2 lo-beam 10amp headlight fuses under the hood and neither are blown(i've heard this is a common problem). I even put a 15amp then a 20amp fuse in it's place just to make sure. Just hoping someone else is familiar with this problem and has some advise...thanks in advance...

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i cant help your situation but let me know if you get them working and if your happy or not....i need to order a kit but still tossing up which one i want......


RIKENSPORT hid's are the ones i have and that i have installed on several other trucks, they are made in germany and still no problems what so ever :thumbs:

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Yeah check the plug in. I did that on one side of my lights on accident. They will plug in either the right way or wrong way so unplug them and try the other way.


Thanks for all the replies everyone...



your talking about the connection between the factory harness and the ballast correct?

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Did you check to make sure you have your polarity correct on connecting the power source to the trucks harness? Either you got stiffed, or something isnt connected correctly.

:withstupid: That seems to be a big issue, make sure that the plug isn't reversed from the harness.

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