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I Do Not Consider Myself A Deeply Religious Man.


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My mother has been in ICU for two weeks now. Supposedly she is getting better but she has only been getting worse. A few days ago they intubated her and she is starting lose her will. I have been staying up at night at her bedside and my brother, father and sister have put life on hold. It seems that every step forward is two steps back. Right now its very frustrating, she cant even speak to us because of the incubation and the sedation.

I am twenty two. Our lives (my dad and i) pretty much revolves around her, everything in this house everything we do. And to put it bluntly I didnt do the best job

This is difficult to write, but I at least wanted to get some of the feelings through.

All I ask for you is to pray. I know many of you dont pray...and you dont have to pray to anyone specific.

But I really dont know what else to do.

Her name is Raquel Regalado

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sorry to hear bout the bad news.... will pray for ur moms and hope she get better soon. im 21 and i could'nt imagine have my mom sick and the hospital. stay strong and try not to let it got ur family down and try to stay positive.



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I was there in april ... keep positive thoughts and keep praying ... lean on your family for support ... continue to talk to her, she can still listen and every word soothes and supports her ... I feel for you and I pray for her and your whole family ... be strong man

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