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No More Viper?


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The Viper and the Vette are similar, but the Viper is more raw and the Vette more refined IMO.


I love the Viper, if it does go it will be a sad day, but it did have a heckuva run for what it was.

Gorgeous cars and ultra-high performance, you won't find me insulting it, and I couldn't afford one either.....


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i think id rather have a viper even though the vette is a good looking vehicle also. with the price being higher that makes a lot fewer of them prowling the streets. reality is i see vettes all over the place constantly driven by all ages and financial backgrounds. i could go days if not weeks without seeing a viper on the road.


but like someone else mentioned, sad to see any american muscle car leaving the lineup.

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I love Vettes as well, but I am sad to see the Viper go. There has just been something about that car that I have always loved. I was a fan since I was a little kid when they first came out in 1992. Anyone remember the TV show Viper?



I forgot about that show!!! Think maybe they should bring the reruns back on it :D

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