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Northeast Meet Registration

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Alright guys and gals, we got the subforum so lets get things started. Pre registration for the event is $30.00.

Registration includes weekend admission for two people. After registering, a receipt will be mailed to you via regular mail - please bring this receipt to the event. Don't forget to enter the full club name silveradoss.com! Please do not abbreviate the club name.

If you are planning on camping inside the show grounds rather than staying at a hotel, you can take care of that at the link below also.


Click here to register


When you have registered for the event, please let me know either by posting or pm so I can add you to the list.




All Gm Nats. Registration.

1. thomp62301

2. RockHead

3. Fireman31

4. ScottSS04

5. IH82W8


7. ss intimidator 3

8. Hankg42

9. Holty

10. Raushe ?

11. Squad6firedog?

12. OOPS

13. slammedbowtie

14. devinsgn

15. ss21?

16. Justin Lamanna





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I think this might be alittle too far of a drive this year. I will keep it in mind though. :cheers:



Yea it does suck because it's a little too far south for most of the northeast members. But if you decied to make the trip, you won't be dissapointed.




List updated.

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