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Jba Shorty Header?


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Just so everyone knows, I did a search for JBA's already but I still wanted to know a few things.... I was always under the impression that any headers are better then stock manifolds, but after reading the searched topics, some people are saying that JBA shorties are just the same as stock manifolds..... I found a brand new set of JBA shorty headers for under 400 shipped.... I know long tubes are the way to go but I dont want any smog problems.... I was wondering what you guys think. Would it be worth it to put them on or should I just realize that I am screwed and be happy with the stocks???? Also, I read in another topic that shortys may actually decrease performace in my SS, mainly in torque..... I definitly do not want to spend money on a product that my slower my truck.... What do you gentlemen think??? Yay or nay??? Thanks to all..................

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If it helps any, I have edelbrock shorties, and i'm already upgrading to OBX LTs this spring. I like em a lot, it made my truck sound a little louder, but LTs are the way to go. if you're interested I may sell em once i get the LTs.

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Nay........shorties do nothing but give you better sound, no real performance gain, save your money for LTs. Look into Dynatech or Pacesetter LTs, they are definitely the way to go. :chevy:

:withstupid: I would agree with this, as I had a set of the JBA shoties... They were nice for a while but only had a small mote increase over the manifolds.

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