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Traction Bars And Racing Shocks?

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Guys im thinking about traction bars and racing shocks to transfer some weight. has anyone done this and i still want a 2/2 drop will that interfer with anything. tell me if im wrong but there are racing shocks that are alot firmer when you take off and the front end of your truck goes up they will hold it up longer to tracnfer a little engine weight towards the rear. that with traction bars should give me great traction. any whats your input let know what you suggest or know? thanks

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I would install a set of Caltracs and not worry about the drag shocks unless it's going to be a full time drag truck. Drag shocks on a heavy ass truck like ours would be crazy dangerous on the street! :crazy:


If the Caltracs aren't enough, get a set of 18's and some drag radials for the rear.

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