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Smoked Tails


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I believe MOST of the guys on here have gone with Danny's work (sprayed 99) which is phenominal. There are also some guys who have said something about Jons tinted tails. IMO, dont do the nite shade can , I'd say have them professionally done by Danny..you have seen his work and it is truly amazing, the man makes the tailights look like a damn mirror with that reflection. The nite shade might come out ok but if you mess up, you might need another set of tails. Some guys who do them themselves vary i nthe methods they use. Some guys take em to a booth and get em done and some do them on the newspaper in their yard. You can tell the difference.

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I tinted mine a bit by using nite shade and some high gloss clear coat. They came out okay...I have a dog that sheds a lot and one of her hairs got in the paint when it was being sprayed. If you are careful and use the right products you can get it done pretty easy and cheap!


Chase did an awesome write up on DIY tails. I followed it and they came out pretty nice.




Good luck to ya :thumbs:

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