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Marlboro Ranch

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So friday when I got home, there was a usps letter from marlboro saying that I had won a trip to the marlboro ranch for myself and a guest. It said the airfare, hotels, meals, and a check for $1500 was mine. I was excited, and I told the wife, and she said there has to be some catch. So I'm wondering if any of you guys had that same experience, or if it was some kind of scam. I mean, I don't smoke, but a free trip to montana with river rafting, horseback riding, hummer driving, hiking etc. my wife thinks it's crazy and a scam, but I think it would be kick ass! I'm just trying to see if anybody else got this promo, or has gone on the trip. thanks




p.s. 1500 would add a lot of nice shit to my truck!!!!!!

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My neighboor would be envious, he smokes like 2 packs a day, BTW his wife died last week of lung cancer. People just don't learn. HAVE FUN.lol

wow, that sucks! I quit a year ago, i don't want to have to carry a f'ing oxygen tank around with me when I'm 60. Plus, I don't want my kid to see me out of breath just walking down the hall!

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