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New Dynatech Headers.....


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This weekend myself, Hank(Hankg42), Kevin(Krambo), and Mark(RockHead) installed my new Dynatech Supermaxx system along with a new trans cooler. It took much longer than expected(until mid-day sunday) due to a few problems that occured. A few rounded off bolts caused the emergency purchase of a sawzall. A fused front 02 caused the purchase of a useless universal 02 sensor, which wound up being bad. Kevin came to the rescue since he had one in his garage. We also needed two extra lengths of 3/8 brake line for the trans cooler(yours truly got a little crazy with the tubing bender). Changing the t-stat caused me to spill about 1-1/2 gallons fo Dex-Cool too. All in all it was a worthwhile learning experience. The system sounds awesome! Attached are some pics, but they are not the best quality because I took them with my camera phone.


What the system sounds like with a GMPP cat-back.......




The trans cooler....




Work in progress......




Working into saturday night....



The carnage.......




The must -have fix-all tool.....



The finished product.....





Thank you to Danny(sprayed99) for building me a kick ass trans cooler and for calming me down on the phone sunday. Another thank you to TJ(kaotik1) for doing an awesome job coating these headers/cats.



I want to thank Mark for his help and sense of humor, plus for driving 2+ hours for the proper 02 sensor. Thanks to Kevin for his knowledge, mechanical skill, and tech advice(oh and the 02 sensor). I want to thank Kevin's wife Danielle for letting us keep him all day saturday. A special thanks to Hank and Jackie not only for being such gracious hosts and letting me borrow their driveway, but also for giving me a warm place to stay saturday night. You all prove what true friends are. :cheers:

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Dan...I hate exhaust work! Glad everything came out good in the end. I am sorry I could only spend like 5 hours helping out...I had to do the family thing and keep it all in good order. If we started early in the morning on saturday, you would have been up and running by the afternoon. Hank, Dan and Mark...you are a great bunch of guys and it was proven this weekend.


*picture this* ...I am sitting in church with the wife and kids, my phone buzzes, I glance down and see Mark calling. I let it go to voicemail and instantly you call. Church had just finished so I answer and talk to you about some 02 issues while the kids and wife are saying hello to the "church people". I am sitting in the Pew talking to you in my Sunday's best shirt, slacks and black shoes. I see my wife talking to the pastor and pointing at me. After the conversation she shakes her head, smiles and makes fun of the way I look. Apparently having grease stained hands, a bloody fingernail, a busted lip with a nice bruise and talking truck stuff on a cell phone in the church on Easter morning is the final confirmation that you are a certified Silverado SS nutcase. :cheers:

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