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Crappy Day, Dirty 20's And Took Some Pics

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Sorry, but I had to take pics anyway. I got these used from another member for 600 shipped (rims only). I fixed the scratches from the curb shot on the one rim (shown in the appearance section). I got them on the truck today and couldn't wait... So much better than the old rims, at least in a picture. Keeping my old ones for winter...



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I thought they were small but I actuall like them. Are you thinking about a drop? What tires are you running?


It is dropped, 2" shackles in rear and keys up front. 295/45/20 Grabber UHP's. Thinking of going slightly lower in the rear with leaf packs, and I'll get around to putting spindles on the front to get back proper travel some day, but it won't be able to go much lower at all really...

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looks good. did not notice it was dirty


It's a magic camera then, LOL! Truck is entirely water/dirt spotted from last night's and this morning's rain showers. It helps that the pics are only 25% of the size of when they came off of the camera too though, or you would have been able to zoom in. :cheers:

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