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03 Silverado Ss For Sale


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This is not something that I want to do but I think that I have to as Gas prices have finally started really affecting my small wallet. I am trying to see if this is something that is even possible. I am now located at Edwards AFB in SoCal. I still owe money on this truck so I don't really know how that works either if some one could give me some info on that.


2003 Silverado SS

34,500 MI

S&B Cold Air

BBK Shorty headers

Flow Master Exhaust dual outlet

Serviced every 2- 2500 mi mobil one

there is one dent on the left fender.

the back bumber could use some paint.

The truck is clean on the inside no excessive wear

Plugs are less than 8000 mi


Let me know if there is anything else that I could tell you. I can't post pictures today as I am at work right now. I can email pics upon request. The bed is a little beat up as I used it when I needed to but the prior owner used for some sort of work truck cause there are 2 holes in each bed rail that were for a truck box. I have taken great care of this truck and really would hate to get rid of it but my round trip to work went from 8 miles a day to close to 50.



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I'd ask for more money or a gas allowance from your boss. I did and got a gas allowance. I drive 50 + miles a day and a week. At $ 3.79 a gallon your looking at $125- $150 a week depending on how you drive. I'd suggest cruise control.

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when you go to sell your truck just have the buyer contact YOUR bank with your selling price etc. Its really easy to sell even if you owe money. Its actually nice because the bank is also used as the middle man ( you get your money, they get the title, really smooth process. )


Good luck :) "bump"

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