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Pics & Vid Of My New Exhaust


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Sounds and looks wicked! The dual SS tips are a nice touch.

You & the gf gonna be able to make it to the meet in des moines this weekend? My wife will be there as will Chris's as it's at Chris's house.

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nice tips! what SS did you steel that from? :) cant wait to hear it in person saturday as we are CHILLIN

I stole one of them from you!!! :D This way I always carry a part of the Magazine machine on my truck at all times!!! I'm ready for some relaxing too, I've been working too much!

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it is a custom setup with 2 flowtech raptor mufflers which I replaced the stock muffler with. Then I just changed it up today & had my muffler shop change it. Kept the same mufflers just scooted them ahead a bit, then routed new pipe with the tips out the side. The 2 mufflers were $50 shipped to my door. Now today with the work they did was about $220. I'm rather please & very happy with the sound!


I have to keep it bearable cause the wife & kids ride with me, so I made sure there was no drone & it's not too overly loud. Has a nice muscle car sound to it.

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