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Weekend Craftyness And I Need Some Sudgestions


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post-14949-1225586776_thumb.jpgpost-14949-1225586652_thumb.jpgwell as you can see i have a volant cold air intake and it has a duct that goes down to the air vents on the front of the chevy.....well now i have got fog lights and now the air collector on the vent lost its home but that is ok for now i have ran that hose to the long bottom grill (i love part stores) but i was wondering if anyone has any good ideas on where i could mount that air collector now .....i have a dremel and i am not afraid to use it ....... so far my choices are mount it where the hose is at now or more in the middle of that grill but some of my liscense plate is in the way if i do that or behind the main grill but that will take alot of perswasion<misspelled that!!!
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if you have an air dam then that would work.

or you could get a hood scoop and use it for not only looks.


since hood scoops would add to the looks of ur truck, along with the fact that it works.



and that tube off ur air box...is that gettin you anymore gains rather than just the box.

cuz i've got a volant too, and thinkin about doin the same thing you've done.

and i take it you got that hose thing from autozone?

if so, EXACT setup i was plannin.

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the volant for the ss comes with like a hard plastic tube that comes down and goes where fog light is now but the fog light now was in the way so i bought that bendy tube so that i could place it somewhere helpfull but yea i got i at autozone for $20.00

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i could tell a little difference when i didnt have that bendy tube running to that grill b/c my gas milage went down a little bit



ok what u can do is where the factory airintake was, u can remove 4 bolts on the bottom and drop the filter down there but make sure u cover the filter. it creates straight high pressure cold air almost like ram-air.


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well like when tax season rolls around i want to get a ram air hood like shakesvho. so i have the air coming from that bottom hose/tube and from the hood also b/c that slot is right over the opening if i took the top off the air intake box

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