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Road Salt.


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well i live in tx so oviously no problems here with it,

but me and some buds are proly gonna go up to colorado or utah for the break and hit the slopes,

and i've never drivin my truck on that road salt.


you guys up north think it would be alright if i drove my truck up there just that once?

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Colorado doesn't use salt on their roads. They use sand. (And they won't even lay that down unless it's really $hitty).

I'm in Colorado all the time and never encountered salty roads. The Nebraska roads are another story...



:withstupid: They wont use additives on the roads unless its absolutely horrid, to the point where it has to be a state emergency almost. Be carefull man since its your first time in the snow, Ive raced in that stuff and some of the most random things can happen (almost took out 2 deer going 55 in 1 foot of fresh snow, no bs they jumped over the hood of my bmw).

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