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12'srock Vs 10'srock W/ Video


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Here is a link to a video of me racing 12'SROCK. This was the last day at the track before replacing my worn out tires. Yes this means it was time to abuse the old tires. If you pay attention, right before I start my burnout a mustang pulls right up behind me, then he disapears. I heard from someone standing behind us that they saw his back up lights come on through the smoke and as he was backing up he was also running his windshield wipers. I hope he had some really good washer fluid.


The people who shot the video have a website. If you register on their website and let them know that you will be at the Fontana Street Legal Drags they will video your car and post it on their website. Pretty Cool!!!!!

Here is a link to their website.



Their videos are usually not so dark. It had rained earlier in the day and we were surrounded by dark clouds and it was getting kinda late and the track still doesn't have lights. Don't forget to look for the Mustang behind me, too funny!!!!!

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Hey Art,

I just noticed you red lit in an attempt to beat me to the finish line.

How's that working out for you, J/K. :jester:



lol yeah as i was in the staging lanes i started counting cars so i was like man i have to run mike! so i need all the advantage i could get! but as you can see that did no justice :D good run mike :cheers:

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