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Pics Of My New Ls2 370


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here's my new motor i picked up last night, Kim Barr built LS2 370, has Callies Scat rods, cutsom cut and ceramic coated Diamond pistons, stock crank that has been fully worked over....cam im going to run for now is a little big and will prob swap it out depending on how good of power it makes 250/244 .634/.623 114lsa im going to advance it 2° when i put it in...also going to keep my TSP stage 2.5 PnP 317 heads and swapping over to the Vic Jr. intake and elbow...its going to dallas Performance at the end of this month to get the Twin Turbos installed :D also going to also run a meth kit on it and if needed a small shot...in the spring i will upgrade to the 80e trans and run a new fuel system and prob next fall it will get a 4 link thrown in it :chevy:






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Nice! What made you choose the aluminum block over the iron or the LSX block? With the power you are looking to make, I would have thought you would want the regidity of the iron. Regardless, your plans are going to make some serious HP. I considered a turbo 402 and even spec'd everything out. I think you will find that with a turbo, the cam you chose is a bit much. You may also be able to save considerable coin if you went with a single turbo and still make the same power levels. Although twins do look pretty cool for the "wow" factor when opening the hood. :cool:


Keep us posted!


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Well the reasons for not going LSX or iron block would be the weight factor save 100+lbs going with aluminum, plus LS2's have been making 1200rwhp and not having any problems in some of the Camaros...Plus i had a friend building this motor for his vette he was doing a TT setup on and after building this he decided he wanted to go Warhawk block instead so i got this motor for about 1500 off what he spent on it....I agree on the cam and i will more then likely have one speced out for my setup but this is the cam he was going to run in his so im just going to run it out of curiousity and see what it does, besides a cam swap only takes 1.5 hours to do.


You guessed it on the TT's i want a little bling factor to it, i mean come thats just pretty awesome to see :D...plus i am running twin journal bearing 62mm's with an .86ar on the exhaust so they will spool decently fast and they were only $800 each which is the same price as a single ball bearing 88mm

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Ya, I have boltons and I'm slow. OMG ...must have faster truck....



yeah see this has been my problem all along.... i had only bolt ons and a small shot but it just wasnt enough... now my butthole is raw from all of this :wtf:

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