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Bringin Back An Old Ufc Fight...


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I'm a huge fan of Pulver but he was totally and completely dominated by Faber. Faber's stand-up was absolutely amazing. Faber fought the perfect fight IMHO. Pulver needs to re-invent his game and become an all around fight instead of a one trick pony (hello left hand). I have great respect for Pulver because of his story and because of his immense drive as well as his huge potential. Lets hope Jens hits the Gym hard this time around and adds some more depth to his game.


"edit" I shouldnt say that Pulver is a one trick Pony, however I do believe that he relies entirely too much on his left hand. He has decent Jiu Jitsu but he has lots of room to grow. He definately needs to work on his wrestling as well.

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link to the fight?


It went a full five rounds...


Round 1



Round 2

Couldnt find round 2...sorry...maybe someone else can find it.


Round 3



Round 4



Round 5


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